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With your help.....

Before ONV
With your help!

We have grown from an initial one-off challenge involving 200 volunteers to a family extending over the years to 2000 + volunteers from all over the world.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” We work mostly with disabled young people – and we learn from them. They are the ones who have to overcome the most debilitating conditions and rise up to every challenge that comes their way.

Children belong in a community not in orphanages

We believe in community-based rehabilitation, a sustainable strategy developed by the World Health Organisation to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and the deinstitutionalised.

I think once you see the need, you just get on and do the work. – Nigel Squibb, President New Life Foundation

The process of recovery may be slow!

But just so we have time to enjoy, learn and be inspired by every action that takes us closer to a more inclusive, understanding, and wholesome world.

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We are a family of many! In 30 years of activity, more than 2000 caregivers have changed the social landscape of Siret!

Over the past 35 years we have partnered with many State and Commercial organisations. We would like to extend our thanks to some of them here :