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Our homes :

Over the years, initially as RCA, and then later as ONV, we’ve built a number of care homes in the area.  These are now operated by the State, but with our direct input and supervision.
We’re proud of the caring environment we’ve managed to create, breaking down large institutions into small, family-like units.

This was the first home that the Charity built back in 1998 and it originally accommodated thirteen young girls from the Siret Psychiatric Institution in Suceava. Today it is used for severely disabled people, as it all on one level.


This home accommodates six people some of whom are disabled but are helped by their colleagues living with them. The people living here spend their time in meaningful activity during the day.

This is one of our smaller homes where each person has his or her own room. They are all responsible for the upkeep of the home and each take it in turn to cook and shop.


Killybegs House accommodates our older people who look after themselves. They cook, clean and shop by themselves. They also help out in our other house on the same site and socialise with the  people that live there.


Neptune House was built in 1999 and it accommodated twenty four young people from the Siret Psychiatric institution. Here they were taught social and vocational skills and how to face life outside of the institution.  This house  is run by the local authorities, although we do help out by sending some of our volunteer workers to support them.

Emmanuel House,  is a purpose built residential and respite care home for severely disabled children from the wider community, is built on our land in the town of Suceava. This is about 60km from the town of Siret.

It was felt necessary to build this home in Suceava because of its proximity to hospital facilities

This home provides the second stage towards independent living. Here the people learn how to look after themselves, learn how to budget and pay bills.

The “Garsoniere” provides sheltered bedsit accommodation in 11 units for people capable of semi-independent living.  About 50% of the people have jobs, the rest live on their state disability pensions. 

This facility is operated directly by ONV under  state licence (LF/005168)