The mission of the Service is to provide accommodation for adults with disabilities, as well as support in ensuring an autonomous and active life, in order to recover social skills and develop life and professional skills.

The social service “Minimum protected dwelling”, social service code 8790 CR-D-VII, is established and administered by the Humanitarian Foundation “A New Life” Siret, accredited according to the Accreditation Certificate Series AF Nr. 001195 Date of issue 3.07.2014, holds the Operating License LF Series, no. 0005168, CUI 9876790 headquarters in Siret, Str. Dubovei Nr. 18 C and D, Suceava county being a center without legal personality, with a capacity of 10 places.


Services for the development of independent living skills
– The service for the development of independent living skills has as mission the creation, development and application of measures and procedures meant to lead to the formation, development and improvement of independent living skills;
– Formation and development of independent living skills, through specific activities, under guidance;

a) Quality of individual life

– health;
– personal hygiene;
– nutrition;
– physical exercises;
– adaptation;
– personal values;
– standard of conduct;
– spiritual beliefs;

b) Quality of social life

– physical affiliation (house, neighbors, community)
– social affiliation (partner, family, friends, colleagues, community members)
– community membership (social and health services, educational and recreational programs, community activities)

c) Personal development

– improving knowledge, skills to make culinary preparations;
– improving the knowledge for the hygiene of the room, the house;
– making payments for utilities;
– money administration / management activities;
– ways to save money by opening a personal savings account, from salaries;
– drawing up the shopping list, the menu;
– self-management;
– adaptation to change;

d) Organizing free time

– activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction;
– trips, vacations

Integration / Reintegration – Training and development of social skills

– Establishing and maintaining relationships;
– Visits and socializing activities with different groups of people;
– Exercises to form an adequate language, efficient in a receptive and expressive aspect;
– Norms of civilized conduct: greeting, politeness, addressing formulas;
– Learning and practicing desirable behaviors in various situations;


– Socio-psychological counseling, support and support for people in difficulty, reducing conflicts between them, resolving incidents, mediation between young people who benefit from the program within the Service and local therapists;
– Medical counseling and health education, enrollment in a family doctor, provision of primary medical services;
– Legal advice, support in clarifying the legal situation of the beneficiaries within the Service;
– Professional advice, recommendations from the O Noua Viata Foundation, to economic agents in order to obtain a job, mediation for drawing up a CV, discussions in order to conduct an interview, support in preparing and obtaining the necessary documentation for the employment file (medical file, children by identity documents and studies, aptitude sheet from Occupational Medicine, unemployment distribution, etc.)

Professional orientation

– Through the foundation’s programs, we currently have 8 young people employed in different companies.