Kincasslagh Group Home

In collaboration with the Suceava County Council.

Built in 1998.
This house provides accommodation for 13 young people, several of whom are severely disabled. All of them have spent their earlier years living in the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital in Siret.
Kincasslagh is aimed at creating a secure environment and a safe space that allows both the recently deinstitutionalized and the disabled to make their first steps into independent living.
Our first group home is named in honor of Daniel O’Donnel, Kincasslagh being the Irish village where the singer was born. Daniel first came to the orphanage in Siret in 1997. He wrote a song about the children he met here, drawing international attention to our cause. The singer donated the proceeds from the album to the construction of Kincasslagh House.

Neptune Transition Home

“The first time I saw House Neptune, it was so beautiful I was afraid to step in through the door. The others were so excited to get in but I just froze in the doorway. I was shy and frightened by change.” – Ionica, New Life Beneficiary

Built in 1999.
Provides housing for 27 young people.
Allows for independent living with on-site or external support from trained professionals. Our young people can thrive and begin their road to rehabilitation in a secure environment where they can enjoy both companionship and a sense of independence.

Phoenix Group Home

It works in collaboration with the Suceava County Council.

“I was moved into a smaller house, Phoenix, where I had my own room which I was allowed to set up however I wanted. My life changed and I felt saved.” – Adrian, New Life Beneficiary

Built in 2001. 
Provides housing for 9 young people.
Incorporates enhanced provisions to independent living for people with developmental impairment

Emmanuel Group Home

The house is designed and equipped with equipment for people with severe disabilities.

The breathing center – operates inside The Emmanuel House, has a capacity of 3 places, and offers families from Suceava and neighboring towns with children with special needs, the opportunity to leave the child in a specialized place for a maximum of 3 weeks, to solve certain personal problems.

Killybegs Group Home

It works in collaboration with the Suceava County Council.

Built in 2002.
The house accommodates 8 young people with disabilities.
It offers a great option for people with special needs who don’t require advanced care but who are not yet able to live a fully independent life.

Small Killybegs House

It works in collaboration with the Suceava County Council

The house hosts a young person integrated in the community, with a job that is self-managed, benefiting from the support and backing of the New Life Foundation.

Manion & Camlough Group Homes

It works in collaboration with the Suceava County Council

Built in 2004. 
The two homes provide accommodation for 12 disabled young people

Start for Life House Project

This project was born from necessity. As part of our pledge to help our young beneficiaries all the way into acquiring the skills for an independent lifestyle, we have built 11 studios in an apartment block in Siret.

All of our beneficiaries have managed to reach higher levels of self-autonomy, several of them having jobs and families of their own.

80% of the young people in the Start For Life Project have gained financial autonomy and hold various jobs in the region.