When you get involved in projects for the benefit of a cause or your community, you not only contribute to the development of the community, but also to your personal and professional development.

Volunteers learn, volunteers experiment, volunteers work as a team.

What is volunteering?

In short, volunteering is an activity carried out for the benefit of the community, voluntarily, unpaid, in an organized framework, through a non-governmental organization (NGO) or an action group. In Romania, volunteering is regulated by Law 78/2014. Although the financial benefits are lacking, volunteering is a win-win experience, with valuable benefits not only for the company, but also for the person who practice.

Volunteer opportunities within the Foundation:

  • Activities within the socio-vocational day center;
  • IT skills development workshops;
  • Film / documentary viewing workshops;
  • Foundation projects: promotion / organizational support;
  • Educational support program for children from disadvantaged environments;
  • Specific events: Hike for a New Life, March for People with Disabilities, etc.;
  • Socialization / recreational activities together with the beneficiaries;
  • Sports and cultural-artistic activities;
  • Educational, cooperation and social solidarity activities;
  • Fundraising;
  • Organization of hiking and outdoor activities



  1. You gain work experience in a field you are passionate about and gain new skills that will add consistency to your resume.
  2. Contribute to the development of the community in which you live and help those around you.
  3. You make new friends and interact with different people, so you form a network of contacts in various fields.
  4. You learn to work in a team.
  5. You can test if you have the skills needed for a particular career.
  6. If you have changed your place of residence, school or environment with which you were familiar, volunteering is an opportunity to integrate more easily into a new environment.
  7. Spend your free time in a pleasant way.
  8. You become part of an organization whose values ​​you find yourself in and for which you want to fight.
  9. Practice your personal skills and talents and have the opportunity to improve them.
  10. You can find out what career you want to pursue, if you are unsure about your professional future.