Monica McDaid

Do you remember what you were doing in the early days of 1990? We know that many doors were opening around the world, and that the truths that spilled out from behind those doors were not always easy to grasp or comprehend. Our story is fortunate enough to have had Monica McDaid face those uncomfortable realities and do something about it.Monica, a teacher from Birmingham, first came to the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital in Siret as part of a group of aid workers. She remembers everything from 30 years ago as if it happened yesterday.

The living conditions were beyond belief, with young people and many children living in squalor and being extremely undernourished.

So she called reinforcements. It was her challenge that Anneka Rice together with 200 volunteers accepted, ushering in a #NewLife for the children in Siret

Anneka Rice

We’ve had the 10th anniversary, the 25th, and now it’s the 30th. Of all the ‘Challenge Anneka’ projects, this is the one I will never forget!

Anneka Rice has just sent us her good thoughts! Thank you, Anneka, for being the engine that started our mission in Siret!Here is Anneka’s story as told by her, in the following link 📍

The project of refurbishing the orphanage took just over a week, with the work men and women toiling day and night to get the job done. But it was only the start.After news of the children spread, the project snowballed. Many volunteers began to offer their services – some short term and others long term. It was a test of endurance.

In the first 3 months of 1991 volunteers lived in 2 cramped rooms in the hospital complex. Hygiene was very poor with only cold water for washing and one toilet for approximately 10 volunteers.

washing and one toilet for approximately 10 volunteers.” Some volunteers are still in Siret today, with families of their own and a life mission to keep them forever young.

Sean McMenamin, West Midlands Fire Service

Sean McMenamin, the floor is yours! Thank you, Sean! Thank you to the entire group of firefighters who have done a great deal to rebuild the future of the young people in Siret! We can always count on each other to rise from the ashes!

Simon O'Connor

I still remember the first day I walked into the hospital. It stays with you for life.

How do you become less haunted by your past? How can you recover from trauma?

One possible solution is that you allow the good memories to slowly replace the bad ones. It is a pain-staking and long-term process to which commitment and consistency are crucial.Simon knew that.

He knew deinstitutionalization and community-integration were the way to recover those bits of humanity and decency that history sometimes seems to lack So he kept coming back to Siret and has never left! Today, he is a father of 3 and a man of many families

Daniel O’Donnell

In 1997, Daniel O’Donnell was our surprise caroler in Siret. He dedicated the song Give a little love to the children and young people whom he met here.

The proceeds of the song sponsored the construction of our first group home.Kincasslagh House bears the name of Daniel’s home village in Ireland. Now Daniel is part of the local Romanian folklore!

And he will always be a no1. hit in our hearts! Now put your earphones on for Give a little love: 📍

Bruce Vaughan


Alina Butnariu

Adrian Crețu