Moreover, the psychological and emotional obstacles are often overlooked. People with disabilities or the ones who have been recently deinstitutionalised need a safe space inside the community where they can be allowed to establish a level of normality in their lives. There is a strong need for integrated community services to cover the inclusion loopholes that exist in the Romanian society. What do we do?

We organize educational and recreational activities to help build meaningful community relationships over time.

We collaborate with the authorities on developing protection programmes to help reduce the risk of exploitation of the most vulnerable among us.

We provide training and support on child-centered practice to the professionals responsible for the welfare and development of the young people and children in our vocational center.

We hold public annual events to raise awareness about the plight of marginalised and orphaned children, and we constantly fight against exclusion based on disability. 

We constantly strive to provide quality care and material support – food, clothing, medicine – to the most vulnerable citizens in our society by involving the public, from donors to volunteers