We work closely, on an individual basis, with each young man or woman so that they start their new life prepared, able to perform daily tasks and to hold on a reliable source of income. It is critical that the children and young people are included in the decision-making process about all aspects of their lives.

We offer vocational evaluations (the Holland Code Test) in order to assist people with disabilities to obtain suitable employment through understanding their interests, skills, occupational potential and future aspirations.
We provide job coaching and job-matching services to help ensure successful recruitment and ongoing support for both the employer and the employee.

We ensure that our young people qualify in skilled trades and encounter a spectrum of options for their transition into the working world. In the present, they work in wood industry, agricultural farm, hotel.

During the employment process, we provide know-how on work legislation and the necessary documents required for employment (from how to write a CV to obtaining welfare benefits), the rights and the obligations of the employee (how to arrive on time, how to be responsible for the tools and equipment handed to their care, how to be professional in a workplace environment etc.)

We also consult with the employer on workplace inclusion policies and how to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled workers, such as wheelchair ramps, modified work schedules or equipment, assistive technology.