Social and Vocational Day Centre

Built in 2017, the services of the Socio-Vocational Day Center benefit up to 80 people with disabilities.

The activities are driven primarily by the profile of the participants.

The beneficiaries come from:

The centre comes to fill a gap in the social integration of disabled people since, most of the times, state institutions and authorities seem to suffer from chronic inefficiency.

Our multifunctional facility brings together specialists (therapists, kinetotherapists, nurses, social assistants, teachers, sociologists, priests, etc), volunteers, and beneficiaries in a common effort towards rehabilitation. To achieve that goal, the centre covers 4 main areas:

The centre is equipped with materials, educational toys, games, psychological and vocational tests to help both the therapeutic and employment process.

Therapeutic Garden

As a feedback from many of our beneficiaries, the Therapeutic Garden is one of our most beloved projects. It starts in April and it is designed to be accessible to everyone. The main objective lies in nurturing – the participants learn the combined positive effect of tending to a living thing that, in turn, provides nourishment.

A therapeutic garden helps in developing hand-eye coordination, deeper concentration, a sense of relief and a tool to combat stress.

According to the American Horticultural Therapy Association, a therapeutic garden is “a plant-dominated environment purposefully designed to facilitate interaction with the healing elements of nature. Interactions can be passive or active depending on the garden design and users’ needs.”